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People in the community are free from the harmful effects of drugs or harmful substances.

# of people enrolled in chemical dependency treatment in Becker County

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The total number of people who have enrolled in treatment in Becker County is tracked through the DAANES report, which is tracked by Becker County Human Services.  

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Story Behind the Curve

What factors are causing the trend to rise?

  • Mandatory urine drug screens for all patients in the hospital's obstetrics unit
  • Youth and teen mentorship programs
  • State insurance mandatesdrug screens
  • Community collaborations to improve care and education
  • Increased access to health services
  • Increase law enforcement presence
  • Drug Court
  • Prevention programs: coping skills, risk and protective factors, CBT, etc.
  • Access to treatment and harm reduction programs
  • Having caring relationships
  • Activities for kids that are accessible and affordable

Factors that limit improvements:

  • Poor boundaries in relationships
  • Increasing divorce rates
  • Decreasing moral values/lack of participation in church/spiritual gatherings
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACES)
  • Cultural insensitivity
  • Availablity of drugs
  • Less family supports/structures
  • Decreasing self-worth
  • Increasing isolation
  • Trauma -historical, cyclical, PTSD
  • Lack of basic needs -housing, food, and safe place


Essentia Institute of Rual Health, White Earth Tribal Health, Harm Prevention, Child Protection, White Earth HIS, Becker County CD/MH, Sanford Health, Father Project, Lakes Crisis and Resource Center & Kinship, Lakes Counseling, Drake Recovery Center, Sharehouse, Prairie St. Johns, MOMS/MATS, Compassion House, NA/AA, School Districts (Frazee, Lake Park/Audubon, Detroit Lakes, Ogema), Stelher, Lakeland Mental Health, Soultions, Moblie Mental Health Crisis Team, Churches/Faith Communities, Family Health/Family Planning Clinics

What Works

Evidence Based:

  • CIT Training
  • Tx Programs (MA/AA)
  • Father Project
  • Trauma Sensitive Training
  • Mental Health and First Aid
  • Mandatory UDS -Prenatal
  • MAT
  • Stopping early use of drugs
  • Increased residential options for pregnant moms
  • Drug Court
  • Family home visiting
  • Addressing both mental health and communnity health simultaneously

Low/No Cost:

  • Mentorship programs (women and children)
  • Volunteer/Community Involvement
  • Handle with care
  • OTC Birth Control
  • Peer support/Reach out/Connect
  • Interns providing supportive interventions (SW, Psychologist, CD, etc.)
  • Father Project
  • Humor to Heal
  • Media for event promotion
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • AA/NA Alanon
  • Volunteers (used as mentors/educators)
  • G.E.D.

Promising Practices:

  • Tobacco 21
  • Mentorship programs (kinship)
  • Service club presentations
  • CHW
  • Handle with Care
  • Volunteer hours (HS) Perham
  • Narcan kits to opioid prescriptions identified OUD
  • Trauma informed community
  • Increase Mental Health Summits
  • AMBER Wing
  • Intensive Mental Health Tx
  • Co-Occuring programs
  • Jail diversion
  • Pain contracts
  • Rehab services (after jail)
  • Resource handbook
    • Volunteers (used as mentors/education)

Outside the Box:

  • TC
  • THC (23/25 or 40)
  • Other (caffine)
  • Change "CPS" to another name to disconnect the stigma (i.e. staying together)
  • CBD
  • TBI Clinics
  • Teaching coping skills in elementary school resiliency
  • Train the Trainer Program in schools/community
  • Drug criminal cases converted to therapeutic
  • Drug free county
  • Immediate access
  • Free care
  • Incentive to stay out of jail


  1. Increase access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services at Essentia Health in Detroit Lakes.
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Interested Detroit Lakes staff attend MAT bootcamo training
      2. Monthly MAT development meeting
  2. Develop a community coalition to address opioid use.
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Identify stakeholders and community members intrested in addressing opioids and host meetings monthly.
      2. Facilitate development of a community work plan to address opioid use through regional collaborative.
      3. Solidify formal service agreements that support community, system and policy changes between organizations.
  3. Improve prevention and awareness efforts in Becker County.
    1. Action Steps:
      1. Support and host afverse childhood experiences (ACES) training in the community.
      2. Host cultural sensitivity events and training for professionals and community.
      3. Implement "Handle with Care" protocol between law enforcement, Lakes Crisis Center and school districts.

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