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Emergency Medical Services

# of Vermont licensed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel

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Q3 2022


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Story Behind the Curve

Last update: October, 2022

Author: Emergency Medical Services Program, Vermont Department of Health

The number of licensed Emergency Medical Services personnel in Vermont has remained steady for over a decade. Most of these are volunteers. The EMS Program is continually working to recruit and retain licensees, and maximize the use of current licensees.

Having adequate numbers of EMS personnel ensures that timely, effective, quality emergency services are available for all Vermonters.

Why Is This Important?

The Vermont Office of Emergency Medical Services works on behalf of Vermonters to ensure that the EMS system is adequately equipped and prepared to provide the best out-of-hospital emergency care possible. There are nearly 180 ambulance and first responder agencies in the state, and most of our 3,000 licensed EMS personnel are volunteers.


Hospitals and other facilities

Ambulance and other first responder agencies

Vermont Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition

What Works

The Vermont Office of Emergency Medical Services provides classes, trainings, licensing, and free ongoing education series. 

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