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% of Islanders who agree that they can influence decisions that affect Jersey


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What is this about?

This data is collected using the Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (JOLS), which surveys a representative sample of adults in Jersey. Respondents are asked: 'How much do you agree or disagree that you can influence decisions that affect Jersey?' and are offered a range of answers from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

In 2015, one in four (25%) Islanders agreed that they could influence decisions that affect Jersey. There were no significant differences seen in the proportions who agreed or disagreed across the different age or tenure categories in Jersey. Overall, 5% strongly agreed and 20% slightly agreed with 43% strongly disagreeing and 19% slightly disagreeing. The remainder (13%) said they didn't know.

In 2018-19, 25% of people aged 16 and over in England said they felt they could influence decisions affecting their local area.

To-date, this question has only been asked once in JOLS, in 2015, but it will now be repeated on a regular basis to monitor change over time.

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