Every child in Navarro County experiences physical and emotional safety and is connected to their caregiver and local resources.

Indicator 2.3: % of families with children 0-17 experiencing employment instability


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Story Behind the Curve

What are the positive factors that are contributing to you reaching your desired result?

  • COVID: People are more open to asking for help.  Less stigma attached.
  • Increased assistance to those on unemployment because of pandemic
  • Increase in people going back to school at community colleges to further their education
  • Navarro County: As a community, we are more focused on this issue and becoming more intentional in solving the problems

What are the negative factors that are restricting you from reaching your desired result?

  • Misinformation and stigma: Limitations on information and resources 
  • Barrier because of citizenship status
  • Covid-19: loss of jobs in the community
  • Uncertainty of local economy: shut downs could happen again and job losses can become permanent

What populations are the most disadvantaged and what causes these disparities?

  • Non-English speaking population- the language barrier
  • Low socio-economic - limited resource availability, lack of power to navigate through systems 
  • Those that lack status: Examples Spanish, Pacific Islanders
  • Those that don't have a High School diploma
  • Ex-offenders: often times ruled out because of past incarceration

Are there foreseeable factors that will affect your work over the next few months to a year?

  • Covid-19: continued job loss
  • National, state, and local elections
  •  Does the unemployment crisis turn into an eviction and homelessness crisis
  • Will there be permanent changes to unemployment benefits or stimulus money in the future 

What additional research is needed to better understand the factors that influence the slope of the curve and related disparities? 

  • More data on children's welfare in Navarro County, specifically how many families with children are experiencing instability of employment
  •  What are the effects of employment instability on a family to child's educational and mental health outcomes?
  •  What correlations are there between unemployment and childcare enrollment rates?

Who are the partners who can help you reach your desired outcome? List partners and their roles.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Texas Workforce Commission
  • Navarro College
  • Job trainers
  • Schools
  • Early Childhood Coalition
  • Parents/Residents
  • Local elected officials
What Works

Research/Evidence-Based Practices:

  • Universal free childcare: allows parents to work outside the home without worrying about childcare.
  •  Expanding unemployment benefits. 
  •  Expanding/making college and tech schools more affordable/scholarships

Low Cost/No Cost Solutions:

  • Engaging families in programs like GED and ESL classes
  •  Preparing high schoolers: Internships, Volunteering

Innovative/Out-the-Box Solutions: 

  •  Advocating for ban the "box" policies
  •  Financial management courses: to help families prepare for the "benefits cliff" (increased financial stability)
  •  Extended hours: promoting extended hours availability for non-profits such as food pantries, public assistance application centers, etc. to account for families working at different jobs. 

Additional Research:

  •  What programs in our community exist to help youth get into the workforce?
  •  How many parents say they would work in our county if they were able to afford childcare?
  • How many parents would work a better paying job if they were not confronted with the "benefits cliff"?
What Strategy By Whom (Partners) By When
Financial management education: provided to families across the community A&M, ECC, TWC, Schools ongoing
Extended hours: advocate with local non-profits and service centers to be more available at night ECC Fall 2021
Investing in higher education ECC, Local funders ongoing
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