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Indicator 3.3: # of births to teen parents

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Story Behind the Curve

What are the positive factors that are contributing to you reaching your desired result?

  • Hope Center: work with parenting teens, provide pregnancy resources at no cost
  • New Life: connection with pregnant teens through guidance counselor
  •  Sex education in schools: Abstinence based

What are the negative factors that are restricting you from reaching your desired result?

  • COVID-19: Limited/Lack of Contact, limited to no access to sex education in school districts
  • Access to free birth control: families have trouble finding condoms or other birth control solutions at an affordable rate
  • Abstinence Only Classes: Sex education in schools limited to abstinence without other forms of birth control

What populations are the most disadvantaged and what causes these disparities?

  • Unsupervised teens: (Parents working, single-parent households, etc.)
  • Poverty/Low-Income: limited resources, generational poverty
  •  Rural population: far away from resources and education on sex

Are there foreseeable factors that will affect your work over the next few months to a year?

  • Continued time away from school (Quarantine Babies)
  • Social media: access to sexual content at earlier ages

What additional research is needed to better understand the factors that influence the slope of the curve and related disparities? 

  • The outcome/study of having mentors in schools who were teen parents
  • What is the effectiveness of abstinence based education versus safe sex education?
  • Giving educators access to Date Rape and Intimate Partner Violence training and education


Who are the partners who can help you reach your desired outcome? List partners and their roles.

  • Growing Together Program, The New Life Program, The Hope Center
  • School districts, educators, teachers
  • Collaboration with medical professionsals, WIC/PEDIA
  • Salvation Army, Compassion Corsicana: access to a large number of clients
  • Churches: Teaching youth sex education, effects on mental, spiritual, emotional health. Teaching about signs of teen dating violence, sexual abuse, rape, etc. 
  • Medical Professionals: OBGYNs, Pediatricians, Family Physicians, etc.
  • Parents, teenagers, and family: speaking to youth about safe and healthy sex. 

What Works

Research/Evidence-Based Practices:

  • Access to affordable birth control
  •  Teaching about safe sex and birth control in schools
  • Mentoring

Low Cost/No Cost Solutions:

  • Collaborating with schools (trainings): VOICE, Hope Center, etc.
  • Texas Wear Condoms program: Providing free condoms and distributing them across the county
  • Advocating for sex education

Innovative/Out-the-Box Solutions: 

  • Advocating to legislature for realistic sex education courses
  • Holding and implementing sex education courses
  • Educating parents on how to have "the talk"
  • Free daycare for high school students who are parenting

Additional Research:

  • Do a Landscape Analysis of exisiting programs/curriculum in our county on sex education
  • What are the benefits to separating genders for sex education?
  •  What education is happening for our LGBTQ+ students?


What Strategy By Whom (Partners) By When
Research Sex Education programs Early Childhood Coaltion Spring of 2021
Partnering with exisiting agencies to sponsor events/courses Coalition and local agencies Spring of 2021
Community Outreach: public health awarness campaign on safe sex Coalition and local agencies Ongoing/Continuing 
Propose a new committee for sex education  Early Childhood Coalition  

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