1: Children enter school developmentally on track

EInd. 1.2: % of Story County kindergarten students who meet developmental milestones in all 5 domains of school readiness

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Story Behind the Curve

The 5 domains of school readiness are: language and literacy development; cognition and general knowledge (including early mathematics and scientific development); approaches toward learning; physical well-being and motor development; and social and emotional development.  (These were first spelled out in the National Education Goals Panel, 1995 and later reinforced by Unicef and others.) As explained in a recent blog post, "These five domains are intended to be overlapping and connected indicators of a child’s ability to succeed in a school setting. They’re not intended to be chronological milestones, but rather skills that children develop simultaneously. The domains also serve as a way for early childhood education (ECE) programs to guide their curriculum towards school readiness and age appropriate development." Furthermore, the five domains "can help families and educators alike to better understand what it means to be 'ready' for school." 

At this time, this data has not been collected systematically by local school districts. The Story County Reads coalition hopes to encourage the collection of this data soon. As such, UWSC hopes to report this data point in subsequent years.

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