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HPM 3.1e: # of clients who received physical health services (including In-Home Nursing, Home-Based Hospice, Homemaker Services)

HPM 3.1e: # of clients who received physical health services

526FY 2021

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Story Behind the Curve

FY20-21 Note: The decline in numbers in FY19-20 and again in FY20-21 are due to the extended coronavirus pandemic. This limited some in-person services. In addition, as of 2020MICA no longer offers dental services, including child dental vouchers or fluoride varnish. Dental services in Story County are now housed at Primary Health Care Inc.  However, their dental data is accounted for elsewhere (see  A Health HPM 3.1a: # of patients served by the Story County Dental Clinic (annual calculation) ), another reason for the apparent decline in numbers served.


The partners who report data that is aggregated here include:

  • Heartland Senior Services: Adult Day
  • Mary Greeley Medical Center Home Health: In-Home Nursing, Home-Based Hospice, Homemaker Services
  • MICA: Child Dental Vouchers, Fluoride Varnish (ended in 2019)
  • The Arc: Respite Care, Active Lifestyles
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