Strategy 1.2: Provide Emergency Services

FS-PM 1.2a: # of individuals served through emergency food programs (all Story County pantries and Emergency Food Vouchers) (monthly)

99Nov 2021

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Story Behind the Curve

This is a monthly measure. It represents duplicated individuals; the same individuals/households may be accessing pantries, food boxes, etc. on a monthly basis.

United Way of Story County added some newer pantries' data during FY19-20. However, effective FY20-21, our data reporting has changed; this is anticipated to lead to some inconsistencies in data availability initially. Thanks for your patience!

A note about FY19-20 data: the coronavirus pandemic meant our area shelters and pantries had to modify their operations to keep staff and clients alike safe. The pandemic also meant pantry visitors tried to reduce their visits to limit exposure. Both led to a decline in individuals served during the initial pandemic months. Our partners were resilient, however! For example, MICA Food Pantry started offering food deliveries to central pick-up spots and doorsteps (even bringing on a new AmeriCorps volunteer to coordinate this), while The Salvation Army pantry provided larger sacks of food to help households get by for longer.


This number is an aggregate of data reported by:

  • Story County Food Pantries (data from ISU's The SHOP and Ames Food at First's "Market" is not currently included)
  • Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance - Healthy Food Vouchers program

Please note: Not currently included is data from the shelter food programs as those programs report on meals served, not individuals served. Shelter data has been included in our Bold Goal calculation: # of individuals served through emergency food programs (all Story County pantries, adult/family shelter food programs, and Healthy Food vouchers)

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