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All residents of Cabarrus County have equitable access to high quality, affordable primary care.

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Access to care requires not only financial coverage, but also access to providers. While high rates of specialist physicians have been shown to be associated with higher (and perhaps unnecessary) utilization, sufficient availability of primary care physicians is essential for preventive and primary care, and, when needed, referrals to appropriate specialty care.

For more information, please visit the Primary Care Physicians For Cabarrus County Page on the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings.

Notes on Methodology

Primary Care Physicians is the ratio of the population to primary care physicians. The ratio represents the number of individuals served by one physician in a county, if the population was equally distributed across physicians. For example, if a county has a population of 50,000 and has 20 primary care physicians, their ratio would be: 2,500:1. The value on the right side of the ratio is always 1 or 0; 1 indicates that there is at least one Primary Care Physician in the county, and zero indicates there are no registered Primary Care Physicians in the county.

To learn more about the Measure Methods, please visit the Primary Care Physicians, Measure Methods Section, on the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings Website.

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