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Youth Have Opportunities for Employment or Career Readiness

Youth Disconnection: Percent of Youth Ages 16-24 Not in School and Not Working

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Story Behind the Curve

  • Current ideas:
    • In order to be in a job you have to be in school to get a "right to work" certificate
    • Economy is slowing down; some positions being taken by immigrant groups
    • Lack of education
    • Lack of connection within the community
  • Research Agenda:
    • Find out other places in the county who are serving disconnected youth
    • Organize a focus group with these youth to ask what are some of their challenges.
    • What are the demographics of the disconnected youth?
    • What are the demographics of the employed youth?


  • Workforce Development Program
  • Promoter Pathways
  • Hillside Works Scholarships

What Works

  • Expand on the CINS program to include disconnected youth and workforce development for disconnected youth.
  • Teen Court possibly?


Data Discussion

Unless otherwise specified, any missing data is either because there are no individuals who identify with the race/ethnicity or the data is suppressed to protect privacy. The race/ethnicity groups included in the indicator are as written in the original data source. Aggregate and disaggregated data are provided from two data sources (see data source note). Since the data sources are different, aggregate and disaggregated data should not be compared to one another.

Data Source

Aggregate data is provided from Measure of America. Disaggregated data that is available for select counties is provided from National Equity Atlas. National Equity Atlas:; Measure of America:

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