Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Drivers and Passengers are Safe on Connecticut's Roads and Highways

(2020) Motorcycle casualties (all) in Connecticut. (HCT2025)


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Story Behind the Curve

2015 was the first data collection year for the new MMUCC crash data reporting system. Data for 2015 is to be used with caution as it may not be representative of all cases.

The next data update is expected 3/31/2022.


Potential Partners

Connecticut Department of Public Health; Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles; Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate; State Department of Education; Connecticut Judicial Branch; Connecticut Department of Transportation; Connecticut Transportation Institute; Office of the Child Advocate; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other federal agencies; law enforcement; regional planning organizations; local public health agencies; health care providers including hospitals, emergency medical services, nurses, and emergency physicians; health professional associations; organizations and coalitions focused on prevention of motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and child safety; and others.

What Works

Countermeasures that Work: A Highway Safety Countermeasure Guide for State Highway Safety Offices, Ninth Edition, 2017


Potential Strategies

Promote "None for the Road" Campaign for reducing operation while intoxicated and advocate for reinstatement of a helmet law for motorcycle drivers and their passengers.

Expand educational awareness of the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle when consuming alcohol and riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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