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Strategy A: More Housing Options

Affordable Housing: Number of subsidized housing units per 10,000 population

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About the Indicator

Lack of affordable housing is a leading cause of housing instability and homelessness, which may negatively affect physical health and make it harder to access health care. Households with high housing costs may be challenged to afford other necessities, like food, transportation, and health care. Without affordable housing options, older adults may be forced to rent substandard housing that exposes them to safety risks.

A mix of federal, state, and local programs provide rental assistance and subsidized housing options. However, funds for these programs are limited and demand is high, leading to long wait lists.

This indicator measures the number of subsidized housing units per 10,000 people in California (not limited to older adults), as compiled by the AARP Public Policy Institute. Increasing this number will expand affordable housing options. Check out the Housing for All Ages and Stages Goal Page to explore dynamic visualizations and view more detailed data related to this topic.

About the Data

To learn more about our data sources and methodologies, please see the Data Dashboard for Aging - About the Data Technical Guide.

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