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GOAL: Improve the economic well being of community by fulfilling everyone’s necessities

United Way of Greater Toledo Financial Stability

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Story Behind the Curve

Our economy may be “rebounding” and unemployment rates slowly decreasing for the time being. But, as we have seen, it takes the average American household years to financially recover from lost wages and collapsed markets due to any catastrophic event like COVID-19, 08’market crash. Households’ financial situations are holding steady, as measured by Federal Poverty level and other criterions. Our support to funded partners has contributed to strengthening the financial situation of people in community. 


Programs empowering Financial Stability 

  • Toledo Financial Opportunity Center - LISC
  • Solidarios: Bridging the Gap- Integration
  • Advance Employment & Training Program
  • Wood County Financial Opportunity Center Great Lakes Community Action Partnership
  • Housing Outreach and Assistance - Salvation Army
  • Ottawa County Community Support Services - Sutton Center
  • Ottawa County Transitional Housing - RAH

Data Discussion

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