Net change in nonpublic sector employment


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Story Behind the Curve

This indicator reflects the net change in filled private sector positions (those jobs filled with people) across the State of Vermont.  In terms of filled jobs, the Vermont economy has not fully recovered from the most recent economic downturn of the pandemic.  Statewide in 2021, only 34.8% of the filled jobs that were lost during COVID-19 have been recovered.  Tight labor market conditions existed in 2019 as the rate of increase of filled jobs between 2018 and 2019 slowed.  Tight labor market conditions have persisted through to 2021.  The estimated number of open jobs increased in 2021 as demand swelled; however, employers had difficulty filling open positions, which is slowing the ability to return to pre-pandemic employment levels.

Notes on Methodology

Based on administrative data provided by Vermont employers.

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