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% of people who are eligible to register to vote and who have registered

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Story Behind the Curve

The percent of eligible population that is registered always fluctuates. In general, it typically goes down during the off-election year (as seen in the slight decrease for 2021), when clerks are required to perform maintenance on their voter checklist and remove names of people who are no longer eligible.  The percentage then routinely goes back up during election years (as shown here in the figure for 2022) when people become engaged and register to vote.

Notes on Methodology

In order to provide the percent of “eligible people” registered, we need the number of eligible voters, and this data comes from the census (surveys/decennial-census/about/voting-rights/cvap/2017-2021-CVAP.html). This report gives Vermont an approximate total of 512,070 citizens of voting age, as of 2021.  Using the average of voter registration throughout the year, the number of registered voters is 497,371 for 2022. 


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