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Data as of 9/29/21.  There are currently 491,887 registered voters.  The recent census figures indicated there are 461,304 people over the age of 18 in VT.  This results in a percentage of 106% of the eligible population being registered.  This is the result of the fact that the registered voter number includes our "challenged" voters, who are voters that the local election officials believe have moved, but have not yet responded to the notice sent.  We cite this figure for consistency because the percentage of voters who voted in the election (the next measure) is measured against this total number of registered voters, because a challenged voter may still cast a ballot in the election if they first confirm their residence.  A more accurate reflection of how many eligible Vermonters are currently registered would compare our number of active voters (those not challenged) against the eligible population.  Our current number of active voters is 440,413.  As a percentage of the eligible population , this is 95.4% (440,413 / 461, 304).

As of September 2022, updated data has not been provided.

Notes on Methodology

Data collected from the Secretary of State Elections website.

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