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% self-serve change requests during open enrollment (11/01-12/15)

7.0%Oct 2021

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Notes on Methodology

Please note in the graph above:

  • The solid trendline is November and December of 2020
  • The dotted trendline is November and December of 2019

  • Libraries
  • Clinics
  • Community organizations
Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is important because it measures the percentage of Vermont Health Connect (VHC) change requests during Open Enrollment (OE) that members make online themselves, as opposed to calling and talking to a Customer Support Representative.  The yearly OE period takes place between 11/01-12/15 of the preceding year.  For example, the OE period of 11/01-12/15 in 2019 is for the 2020 plan year. 

It is important to encourage the use of self-service during OE as it provides the customer with the ability to make immediate changes and in turn reduces the percent of customers who utilize the phone.  A reduction in those who contact the customer service center should reduce the wait times for those who need to speak to a representative.  One challenge in increasing the self-service percentage during the OE time-period is that new customers and those making complex changes may wish to have a conversation with someone rather than making changes themselves.  The change in this metric provides us with the opportunity to dive into the OE self-service numbers and better understand what customers are utilizing self-service for during OE.  The plan over the next year is to re-analyze the numbers and develop a plan to increase self-service.

The trendlines above illustrate a slight improvement in the self-service use during OE 2021.  The increase in self-service is not surprising given the current Public Health Emergency (PHE) due to COVID.

Narrative last updated:  12/08/2020

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