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Number of practices that have whole person integrated care services in their practice

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As of March 30, 2022, the Whole Person Care & Telehealth Subgroup is conducting a survey of practices serving community members from 28609. The purpose of this survey is to collect information on telehealth and integrated care services practices provide to increase telehealth awareness, access, and consistent engagement with whole person centered care services. 

The following information and questions are included in the practice survey being conducted:

Integrated Care Services

Whole Person Integrated Care is the integration of medical, behavioral, and public health approaches to care for the whole person. The model expands integrated care beyond the health care sector to include the social determinants of health, or the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play. Social determinants of health are factors that can greatly influence the health and quality of life of individuals, populations, and communities (including food, housing, transportation, employment, access to care, medication access, etc.).

  • Do you currently have whole person integrated care services in your practice?
    • Yes         
    • No           
    • Unsure   
  • If yes to the previous question, please describe what integrated care services your practice offers.
  • How does your practice support patients that have barriers to health? (Such as food, housing, transportation, employment, access to care, medication access, etc.) Select all that apply.
    • Do not address
    • Provide services directly
    • Provide services through referrals, such as through NCCARE360 (211)
    • Other, please specify:
  • How does your practice follow-up on referrals to services to address barriers to health? Select all that apply.
    • Contact patient
    • Contact referral source
    • Do not follow-up on referrals to services 
    • Patient care coordinators, navigators, and/or case managers
    • Reviewing data in NCCare360
    • Unsure   
    • Other, please specify:

Initially the Behavioral Health Work Group had included the following performance measure, number of primary care providers utilizing behavioral health screenings (integration of behavioral health into primary care). The work group has continued to update performance measures. 


Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy