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Risk Intervention Services Team(s) look to support individuals who are engaged in services both in the facility and out in the community. A participant's success depends on their active participation in services on their services plan and following the rules of the facility and services they are enrolled in. If a participant fails to follow the “Participation Agreement” or struggles with antisocial behavior and facility rules, they may be placed on a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). Behaviors not in line with services expectations are concerning as they may reflect a larger pattern related to thinking which puts an individual at risk to reoffend. Behaviors which result in CAPs may or may not have resulted in a Disciplinary Report.

Most minor behavioral problems are addressed by staff in the environment they occur in and are reported out on during weekly Risk Intervention Services Team meetings at the local site. If a participant cannot correct behaviors in a particular setting, or have concerning facility behaviors, the participant will be placed on a Corrective Action Plan which will be monitored weekly by the local Risk Intervention Services Team. The team may consult with a subject matter expert to identify interventions to support the individual. A participant may be directed by staff to identify barriers to success in services and may be directed to complete additional assignments related to the problematic behavior in order to problem solve. When an individual is placed on a Corrective Action Plan, they will receive written notice which outlines expectations.

If the behaviors are of significant concern, the local Risk Intervention Services Team will consult with Central Office for recommendations and to identify if additional specialization is needed in plan development and/or implementation, or if termination from services is necessary.

In FY22, 46 individuals participating in Behavior and Life Skill Interventions were placed on a Correction Action Plan (CAP). Generally, since the DOC has initiated the CAP process, more participants have been aided to successfully participate in Behavior and Life Skill Interventions.

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