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Risk Intervention Services: Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI)

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This performance measure includes the annual total number of incarcerated individuals employed for all shops (plate, print, sign, and wood).

The courses are listed below, and the number represents the total number of Incarcerated individuals who were assigned to these courses by shop in FY22.

Wood shop

  • Administration: 1
  • Architecture and Construction: 4
  • Process Production: 47
  • Total: 52

Sign & Print shop

  • Administration: 3
  • Digital Media Design and Production: 8
  • Process Production: 41
  • Total: 52

Plate shop

  • Digital Media Deisgn and Production: 1
  • Process/Production: 16
  • Total: 17

CRCF- Pilot (ARES)

  • Restaurant, Food and Beverage Services: 6
  • Total: 6

Total participants registered in a workplace experience course is 127 with 118 unique participants.

In FY22, we were also able to capture the length and time the incarcerated individual participated with VCI:

6 months and under:               43

7-9 months:                             12

9-12 months:                            13

13-18 months:                          15

18-24 months:                            7

24+ (mentors):                          28

Total numbers of participants: 118


In FY21, there were the following number of incarcerated individuals employed by Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI):

  • Plate: 17
  • Print: 22
  • Sign: 21
  • Wood: 52
  • Total: 112

The number of incarcerated individuals employed by VCI remained relatively stable. In FY22 showing, there was a slight increase in the number employed.


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