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Iowa Reading Corps

EPM 2.2a-2: Average minutes of Reading Corps tutoring per week (CALCULATED MEASURE)

EPM 2.2e (NEW): Average minutes of Reading Corps tutoring per week - Countywide calculation

58.1SY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

Some information from IRC on tutoring dosage: "Tutors work with students every day for 20 minutes. Table 5 shows that students were tutored for an average of 68 minutes per week. Kindergarten students averaged fewer tutoring sessions and weeks of tutoring than the older grades, potentially due to faster growth and subsequent exit from tutoring." (IRC End-of-Year Evaluation 2018-2019, p.12) Similar dosing was maintained in 2019-2020: "On average, students received 14 weeks of tutoring with an average of 69 minutes per week." (IRC End-of-Year Evaluation 2019-2020, p.5) Story County data, then, is line with the state averages.

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