Correctional Services: Community Supervision

Community Supervision Returns to Incarceration : Total

56Jun 2022

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Individuals placed on community supervision can return to incarceration for a technical violation, for committing a new crime, or a combination of the two. Anyone who was returned to incarceration for a technical violation as well as for committing a new crime was categorized as returning for committing a new crime, resulting in two categories as a reason for return: technical violation or new crime.

Returns to incarceration for individuals on community supervision remained somewhat consistent in FY22 with an average of 42 returns per month. There was a noticeable decline in the number of returns after October 2021, culminating in a low of 22 returns in January 2022. However, the number of returns began inclining up after January 2022, and peaked at a high of 57 returns in May 2022. 

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