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Correctional Services: Community Supervision

Community Supervision Returns to Incarceration: New Crimes

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Jun 2023


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Individuals who are under community supervision can return to incarceration for a technical violation, for committing a new crime, or a combination of the two. Anyone who was returned to incarceration for a technical violation as well as for committing a new crime was categorized as returning for committing a new crime, resulting in two categories as a reason for return: technical violation or new crime.

In FY23, the incidence of returns to incarceration due to new crimes rose, with the yearly average climbing to 29 per month, up from FY22's average of 23. Despite the absolute number of new crimes rising to 351 in FY23 from 279 in FY22, these represented a smaller proportion of total returns from community supervision, accounting for 38% in FY23 compared to 55% in FY22. This indicates that while overall returns and new crime incidents are higher in FY23, the percentage of returns due to new crimes relative to total returns actually decreased.

FY23's data reflects a methodological change, shifting from manual data entry and tracking via spreadsheets to utilizing the Offender Management System (OMS) database for data input and extraction. This change may account for noticeable differences in the data compared to the last fiscal year and could greatly influence the numbers presented for FY23.

For information containing total returns to incarceration from community supervision and comparisons of returns by technical violation and new crime(s), see Community Supervision Returns: Total.


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