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All Cabarrus County residents are mentally well and have access to behavioral health services and 1 more... less...

All Cabarrus County residents are mentally well and have equitable access to care and social support.

Total # of Emergency Department Behavioral Health Patients

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The Atrium Health Cabarrus Emergency Department continues to see an increasing number of patients seeking psychiatric services. 

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Story Behind the Curve

The "Story Behind the Curve" helps us better understand data associated with a specific result we want to achieve. When we look closely at data and engage partners that can provide context to positive or negative factors that influence the data's trajectory, we can better identify strategies and interventions that can turn the (data) curve in the direction that improves the well-being for those in our community. 

Cabarrus County has one hospital system, Atrium Health, with three Emergency Department locations: Concord, Kannapolis, and Harrisburg. As we work collaboratively to improve the mental and behavioral health of those that live, work, play and pray in Cabarrus County, we need to monitor and assess access to care. Often times an individual cannot access appropriate mental health services in a timely manner, leaving them or their loved ones with nowhere else to turn for help but the emergency department. 

What's helping? These are the positive factors or influences hat are working in our community.

  • Community engagement in Mental Health First Aid and Question, Persuade, Refer training
  • COVID-19 American Recovery Plan/Cabarrus Recovery Grants
  • Support of Cabarrus County Government, convening of Mental Health Advisory Board
  • Peer Support Specialists
  • Law Enforcements investment in officer education and training
  • Collaboration with local mental health providers to accept direct student referrals

What's hurting? These are the negative factors or influences that are working in our community. 

  • Lack of available in-patient treatment
  • Stigma
  • COVID-19 - patient fear of seeking services at the emergency department due to high community spread
  • Lack of supportive recovery community
  • Geriatric Psychiatric unit for the Atrium Health region is located at Atrium Health Cabarrus

What is to come? Any anticipated community or environmental influences that could impact work in our community.

As of September 1, 2021, Cabarrus County will complete its Local Management Entity (LME)/Managed Care Organization (MCO) transition from Cardinal Innovations Healthcare to Partners Behavioral Health. NC Department of Health and Human Services contracts with LMEs/MCOs to manage behavioral health care services paid with federal, state and local taxes, including Medicaid, as well as state and local grant funds. While there are clearly defined roles and responsibilities for MCO's, they do have the option to operate as an 'open' or 'closed' network provider. In an “open” network, care is authorized to be provided by any provider who is willing and able to provide the care.  In a closed network, only those providers who have contracted with a Managed Care Organization will be authorized and paid by that organization to provide care. Cardinal Innovations has operated in Cabarrus County as a "closed" network provider, which has limited the number of providers available to the public. Partners Behavioral Health is an "open" network provider, we hope to see an increase in provider access (1.7 behavioral health providers per 10,000 population), leading to a decrease in ED psychiatric admissions.

Suicide - Cabarrus County, 5-Year Rate
5-Year Rage Range Rate per 100,000 Population
2010-2014 15.1
2011-2015 15.7
2012-2016 15.0
2013-2017 13.8
2014-2018 13.3

Source: NC DHHS, NC Injury and Violence Prevention Branch - NC Violent Death Reporting System

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