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20Q2 2022

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Story Behind the Curve

CMCA offers crisis relief services to CMCA members who have exhausted all other resources to meet an emergency need.  Members enrolled in CSBG funded programs may be eligible through CSBG Emergency Assistance Services to receive emergency rental assistance to avoid eviction, car repairs to restore transportation to work, and other specific supports.  In addition, prenatal mothers and families with young children may be supported through the Women and Infant Relief Fund (WIRF).  WIRF recipients may obtain emergency items such as diapers, wipes, cribs, car seats, and nursing supplies through WIRF while they continue to work with their Family Success Coach to find a more permanent solution.  WIRF requests are fulfilled on an as-needed basis and as funds allow.  Data indicates the annual numbers of crisis relief requests fulfilled through CMCA.  FY 2020 numbers reflect a large increase in crisis requests fulfilled due to the COVID pandemic.

Crisis Requests Fulfilled

Fiscal Year # Crisis Requests Fulfilled Q1 Oct-Dec # Crisis Requests Fulfilled Q2 Jan-Mar # Crisis Requests Fulfilled Q3 Apr-Jun # Crisis Requests Fulfilled Q4 Jul-Sept Total # Crisis Requests Fulfilled 
2022 50       50
2021 2 1 9 14 26
2020 0 6 54 28 88


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Why Is This Important?

Families may find themselves in a crisis situation due to unique combinations of circumstances.  These families may need support avoiding eviction, affording medication, repairing a vehicle that ensures access to work, or other forms of temporary crisis relief.  While specific resources exist for supporting families in poverty, these programs do not allow for the purchase of certain critical items including diapers, wipes, breast pads, feminine hygiene products, basic safety items, and clothing.  These items are essential for the health and well-being of new mothers and their babies.

How We Impact

The Women and Infant Relief Fund (WIRF) supports expecting and new mothers and their infants enrolled in CMCA programs. Through WIRF, families receive prenatal support, basic needs items such as clothing, car seats, diapers, wipes, and breastfeeding supplies. WIRF also provides crisis support to low-income mothers and babies.

CMCA Members may be enrolled in any CMCA programs or initiative and must meet CSBG eligibility requirements to receive CSBG Emergency Assistance services. Such assistance may include, but are not limited to, rental assistance, rental deposits, car repair, vehicle licensing/renewals, childcare assistance, medical co-pays, medication, life-saving household items or other emergency service. CSBG Emergency Assistance services are utilized only when a need is demonstrated, and the Member has exhausted other resources.



The Women and Infant Relief Fund (WIRF) is able to provide crisis relief services due to the generosity of our partners and donors.  CMCA would like to extend our appreciation to Veteran's United Home Loans, Healthy Blue, Home State, and The Hive Real Estate Group (House of Brokers).

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