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Reduction in number of tobacco users in Clermont County

HB 2. Youth All-tobacco/Nicotine Use

Current Value




Data reported from Pride Surveys Report. Participants 7th-12th grade were asked, "During the past 30 days have you used an electronic vapor product?" The percentage of respondants that answered "Yes" are identified in the graph. 

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Story Behind the Curve


Contributing Factors (What's helping the trend?):

    • Tobacco cessation courses and health education on the risks/long term consequences of tobacco use
    • School based education on prevention
    • Large scale media campaigns spreading knowledge
    • Increased parental knowledge on vaping/tobacco products to create a supportive home environment aimed at prevention

Restricting Factors (What's keeping the trend from improving?):

    • Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic restricted program activities, access, and availability
    • Increasing popularity of vaping products and misleading, appealing flavors
    • Influence of social media and culture (portraying the use of substances as cool)

Equity Issues (What disparities are contributing?):

  • Racial and ethnic minorities
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Geographic region
  • Gender and sexual orientation minorities
  • Individuals living with mental illness
  • Populations of individuals living with disabilities


Clermont County Public Health 

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

Mercy Health


Mass media campaigns against tobacco use

Tobacco cessation access

School-based tobacco prevention and evaluation intiatives


Mass media campaign againsht tobacco use

  • Mass media campaign against tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure (Clermont County Public Health)

Tobacco cessation access

  • Tobacco cessation therapy affordability (Clermont County Public Health)

  • Health care provider reminder systems for tobacco cessation (Clermont County Public Health)

  • Telephonic tobacco cessation programs (tobacco quit lines and text message-based health interventions) (Clermont County Public Health)

  • Smoking cessation classes (Clermont County Public Health, Mercy Health)

  • Psychoeducational presentations on tobacco cessation, and tobacco cessation individual therapy sessions offered by certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services)

School-based tobacco prevention and evaluation initiatives

  •  Botvin’s LifeSkills Training (Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services)

  • Botvin’s LifeSkills Pre- and Post-Testing tracking changes in Knowledge and Refusal Skills (Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services)

  • Vaping Intervention Program (V.I.P.) for underage nicotine possession/use (Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services)

  • Change in knowledge/predicted effect on behavior tracked post-VIP through participant evaluation (Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services) 

Policy Development/Enactment/Monitoring

  • Monitor and support legislation to ban flavoring of tobacco and nicotine products (Clermont County Public Health)

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