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Vermont Medicaid (Global Commitment) (GC-21)

WCC: Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents: BMI Percentile (GC-21)

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Notes on Methodology

  • The target trendline in the graph above represents an accepted national benchmark percentile for Medicaid programs across the country.  For this measure, the target is the 25th national percentile.
  • The annual reported rate captures activity during the previous calendar year. 
  • This is a Healthcare Effectiveness & Data Information Set (HEDIS) hybrid measure.

Story Behind the Curve

This measure shows the percentage of members 3-17 years of age who had an outpatient visit with a PCP or OB/GYN and who had evidence of the following during the measurement year.

  • BMI percentile documentation*

*Because BMI norms for youth vary with age and gender, this measure evaluates whether BMI percentile is assessed rather than an absolute BMI value.

Last updated:  September 2021

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