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The first cases of COVID-19 in Fairfield County were detected in March of 2020. The week of 12/11/2020-12/17/2020 we saw the first peak with 991 new cases for the week. COVID-19 vaccines began to roll out to healthcare workers and first responders, followed by our highest risk residents at the end of December 2020 and vaccine availabilty expanded to more groups, base on age, through March. The next peak was the week of 9/10/2021-9/16/2021 with 754 new cases for the week. The most recent peak in cases was the week of 1/14/2022-1/20/2022 with 3017 new cases for the week.


Ohio Department of Health - COVID-19 Information

Centers for Disease Control - COVID-19

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What Works

Social distancing, quarantine, isolation, masks, handwashing, and other interventions helped to slow the spread of COVID-19 prior to widespread vaccine availability. Those things continue to be important barriers against the disease for those that are unvaccinated, including those who are too young, have compromised immune systems, allergic reactions, and those who choose to remain unvaccinated.

The goal of vaccinations is not to just protect those who have received the vaccine, but to protect the wider community by reducing the number of potentially infected individuals that we may come in contact with. This is often referred to as "Herd Immunity”.


Vaccination of as many people as possible is our best tool to end this pandemic. Vaccines are now available to anyone who wants one, at no cost, at pharmacies, doctors offices, health departments, and other healthcare providers.

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