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Story Behind the Curve

CMCA is a non-profit organization that receives the majority of its funding through local, state, and federal grants.  These funds are restricted, meaning they can only be spent according to the terms outlined in the grant.  Unrestricted funds are those which the agency receives that are not pre-allocated by a funder or donor.  CMCA procedurally determines how unrestricted funds will be allocated to provide quality services to individuals, families and communities.  Data indicates the amount of unrestricted funds received year-to-date.

Interested in supporting CMCA's efforts?  Click here for information on ways to give.

Why Is This Important?

At CMCA, we live the Promise of Community Action and believe that lifting people out of poverty in mid-Missouri communities – one individual – one family – at a time is possible. Our goal is to move families living in poverty into financial stability and self-sufficiency.  When you support CMCA with a financial gift of unrestricted funds, you can be sure your gift will be thoughtfully used and will contribute to the overall self-sufficiency of an individual or family.  

Monthly giving through our Community Promise Team provides a sustainable source of income for CMCA and a solid foundation for services. Community Promise Team funds are set aside for use on the most important needs and provide a solid financial foundation for times like now when the need is high.

However you decide to help, we appreciate it, and we appreciate you for living the promise of community action by helping people help themselves and each other!

How We Impact

Unrestricted funds allow CMCA to use financial resources wherever they are most needed.  For example, after an EF-3 tornado struck Jefferson City in 2019, CMCA was able to utilize unrestricted funds for housing assistance and other basic needs related to that disaster.  CMCA is also able to utilize unrestricted funds to offset staff salaries for our growing USDA home loan packaging program, purchase land for housing development, assist with emergency facility repairs, and hold recruitment events.

We invite you to contribute to CMCA's mission of ending poverty by considering a financial gift.


CMCA could not exist without the support of our many partners, generous donors, and dedicated staff.  We are connected by our commitment to the promise of community action.  

Community action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

The motto we use to summarize this promise is "Helping People.  Changing Lives."  

CMCA would like to express our gratitude to our partners and donors for rising to the challenge

Read more about our monthly donor spotlight.

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