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Seamless Access to Services

% members receiving multiple CMCA services

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Story Behind the Curve

CMCA's Theory of Change is based on the idea that when families succeed in the areas of family well-being, economic stability, and social connections, they are more likely to be resilient and to become self-sufficient.  CMCA's approach to service delivery incorporates this theory through internal collaboration, allowing a family to receive multiple services to support them on their path to self-sufficiency.  Data indicates the percentage of members receiving multiple CMCA services.

Why Is This Important?

CMCA's Theory of Change is embedded into all aspects of our work.  When families have a strong sense of family well-being, have built social connections, and experience economic stability, they become resilient to the ups and downs of life.  These families are more likely to become self-sufficient, positively impacting their own lives and the communities in which they live.





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