Correctional Services: Parole Board

Parole Violations

50Q4 2022

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The Parole Board provides timely, fair and impartial hearings that comport with due process to those parolees who are, while on parole, alleged to have violated the terms and conditions of their parole, while protecting the public and the integrity of the parole system. The Board accomplishes this by making reasoned and rational violation decisions that are based upon good and sufficient information.

For FY22 (July 2021-June 2022), there was an average of 42 parole violations per quarter (min: 36 in Q2, max: 50 in Q4). Of the parole violations that occurred in FY22, the following resulted from violation hearings: 50.3% were continued on parole, 29.6% had their parole revoked, and 20.1% resulted in a waiver (note: a waiver results in parole revocation).

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