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G3O5. Decrease those struggling with substance abuse

The rate of infants per 1,000 live births who's umbilical cord tested positive for substance exposure annually

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The objective is to reduce number of mothers who used substances while pregnant

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These data are reported by birthing hospitals that participate in the Perinatal Substance Use Hospital Collaborative. Substance exposure is measured through laboratory testing of infant umbilical cords. Participating hospitals utilize their own protocols and algorithms to determine when to test an umbilical cord for substances and that process is heavily dependent on the care provider's experience and hospital protocol.

These data do not represent every birthing hospital in the state and do not represent all babies born in the state. Instead, the data only represent participating hospitals. Changes over time in these statistics can also be a result of an increase in the number of hospitals that participate in the collaborative and submit data, rather than a true changes in the rate of substance exposure. 

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These data are provided by the birthing hospitals that participate in the Perinatal Substance Use Hospital Collaborative. Each hospital submits key metrics into a redcap database which the Indiana Department of Health Maternal & Child Health Division can access and analyze for reporting purposes.

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