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G3O6. Decrease the number of suicides

Reduce the number of suicide deaths among Service Members and Veterans


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VA’s National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide (PDF | 2.9 MB) provides a framework for integrating and coordinating suicide prevention activities across multiple sectors. 

The four interconnected strategic directions of the VA National Strategy are as follows:

  1. Healthy and Empowered Veterans, Families, and Communities;
  2. Clinical and Community Preventive Services;
  3. Treatment and Support Services; and
  4. Surveillance, Research, and Evaluation.

In addition, CDC’s Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices (PDF | 6.3 MB) is used to help teams inusefull for incorporating strategies and best practices into planning.

SMVF Suicide Prevention Model

SMVF Suicide Prevention Plan Graphic 

Source:   Last accessed 6/29/2022

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Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, National Center for Health Statistics

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