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G3O4. Increase the use of primary care physicians

Decrease the percentage of men who have not received a routine checkup less than 2 years ago but more than a year ago

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Story Behind the Curve

Life is not easy for many working men, and many avoid routine checkups for as long as possible. According to Integres Health, even in today’s world of easy information about health and fitness, men still fall behind women in taking care of their health by scheduling annual exams or going to a doctor unless a condition becomes unbearable. On average, men die half a decade earlier than women. The CDC reports that women are 33% more likely to visit the doctor than men, and women are 100 percent better at maintaining screening and preventive care. As it says in the report, “Utilization rates categorized by major reason for visit disclose that while the visit rates by women were at least somewhat higher for all types of care, the rate of visits by women for non-illness (for example, annual examinations) was 100 percent higher than among men, after controlling for age and removing pregnancy-related visits.” 

Accoring to the Denver Harbor Family Health  Center, an annual medical exam helps men prevent costly and debilitating chronic illnesses that can limit their ability to have productive lives. Screenings detect silent symptoms like undiagnosed diabetes that can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, nerve damage and impotence. Nearly half of adults in the United States have high blood pressure, and the risk for it increases with age. In many cases, high blood pressure has no warning signs. It  can result in serious medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. A blood pressure test is part of every regular checkup. 

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What Works

Men's partners play an important role in morivating and scheduling health screenings for men. 

Source:  Last accesses 12 July 2022 

Many health organizations have tried to combat the male reluctance to seek care by introducing social media campaigns, outreach programs and special events to lure men in for regular health care examinations. 

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According to an online survey commissioned by Orlando Health,  the top excuse men make to avoid scheduling annual appointments is that they are too busy. The second-most common excuse is that men are “afraid of finding out something might be seriously wrong.” Finally, the discomfort of exams (such as prostate checks, testicular exams, colon cancer screenings and the like) is another top reason men don’t go to doctors. 

Source:,don't%20go%20to%20doctors. Last accesses 12 July 2022 

Corrective Action


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