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Increase the number of women breastfeeding at the hospital discharge

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Breastfeeding is the optimal source of nutrition for most infants as it contains both health and emotional-social benefits for infant and mother. Promotion of breastfeeding must happen at all levels, including hospitals, worksites, and communities. For more information visit: Last accessed 06/28/2023. 

While breastfeeding statistics continue to improve over time, there are disparities in breastfeeding rates among Non-Hispanic Black women. In 2021, while 85.2% of Hispanic women and 82.1% of Non-Hispanic White women breastfed, 73.9% of Non-Hispanic Black women breastfed at hospital discharge.

These data represent women who have initiated breastfeeding by the time of hospital discharge, as reported on the birth record. These data only include Indiana residents.

The Healthy People 2020 goal for the proportion of infants ever breastfed was set at 81.9%, matching the Target Value shown in the graph. 

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These data are pulled directly from certified birth records that are submitted to the Indiana Vital Records system and also includes any out of state births occurring to Indiana residents. This methodology allows for a more comprehensive picture of births that occur among Indiana residents, even if the birth takes place outside of Indiana to a resident of Indiana. 

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