Strong Families

Percent spending 30% of their income or more on housing


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Story Behind the Curve

Safe, affordable housing is a social determinant of health and an explicit Healthy People 2030 priority.  Access to affordable housing is a top priority of business and municipal leaders throughout the region.  Lack of available housing limits health, workforce availability, tax revenue and school revenue.

  • Housing starts have been stagnant since 2008 recession

  • Decreased inventory = increased cost

  • Rising construction and infrastructure costs

  • Lack of proactive vision in Comprehensive Plans, outdated zoning

  • Developer profitability less in rural communities


  • Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages, Housing Authorities, Thrive Economic Development, Human Services, Developers, WHEDA, WEDC

  • Non-profits 

  • Business and independent Investors

  • ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) grant opportunities

What Works

  • Expand awareness and knowledge re: barriers limiting affordable housing development

  • Municipal technical assistance to create RFP for prioritized development sites

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Financing, New Market and Historic Tax Credits

  • Opportunity Zones and Tax Increment Financing districts

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Revolving Loan Funds

  • Land acquisition, Community Land Trusts

  • Delayed Developer Fees

  • Updated Zoning Codes


  Capacity Building Grant Dollars will Support: 

  • City of Jefferson: Professional technical assistance to identify priorities and develop a formal plan for increasing housing development

  • City of Watertown: Professional technical assistance to identify priorities and:

    • Create plans for increasing housing development

    • Prioritize 2 workforce housing development sites and establish Requests For Proposal 

    • Respond to developer inquiries

  • Dodge & Jefferson County Communities: Provide grant to match funding from Dodge County, Jefferson County and WEDC to make municipal planning services available to all other communities

  • Engage consulting expertise to help Jefferson County evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of public-private partnership opportunities


     Impact Investing:

  • Provide loan financing for workforce project in Juneau and Reeseville

  • Engage business and municipal partners in co-funding a revolving loan fund to provide mezzanine funding for workforce housing projects

  • Provide grant funding for a Watertown neighborhood sub-area plan

  • Convene potential partners to explore potential co-investment in a Watertown workforce housing development

  • Evaluate opportunities to purchase land for future housing development

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