Middlesex Therapeutic Community Residence (MTCR)

Average length of stay at MTCR, as viewed by discharged residents (# days)


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Story Behind the Curve

Calendar year 2021 is the baseline year for this data. The MTCR program is intended to be a transitional facility for individuals no longer in need of a psychiatric hospital stay or stay in a correctional facility, but not yet able to return to the community. Although the average length of stay is 228 for 2021, based on discharged residents, this number is influenced by one of six residents who stayed at the facility for 916 days. If we removed this outlier and calculated the length of stay for the other 5 residents, the length of stay would be 91 days. There are multiple factors that could influence a resident’s length of stay including but not limited to, the need for further stabilization, the need to develop independent living skills, suitable community placement including bed availability at residential care homes and nursing homes, a residents refusal to leave or engage in discharge planning, and a residents legal situation.


Designated Agencies, Community Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Correctional Facilities/Courts, Psychiatric Hospitals, Resident Families.

Notes on Methodology

Data was calculated by identifying all residents who stayed at MTCR during 2021 and discharged during 2021. Then took the average based on the discharged residents length of stay.

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