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Story Behind the Measure

The "Story Behind the Measure" helps us understand the causes and forces at that work that explain the data behind the 'number of clicks from online advertisements.'  As a lead organization for the Substance Use Prevention Alliance, Haywood County Health and Human Services participates in selection of ads that run in Haywood County and devotes staff time to this project.  Other organizations serving the region devote staff time and expertise to this project as well.  

What's Helping What We Do? These are the positive forces at work in our anti-stigma messaging campaign that influence how much we do or how well we do it.

  • Anti-stigma campaign messaging using local voices and voices 
  • Information about resources, such as treatment providers  

What's Hurting What We Do? These are the negative forces at work in our anti-stigma messaging campaign that influence how much we do or how well we do it.

  • Stigma about substance use, including negative comments on social media ads
  • Individuals may not see ads due factors such as limited internet access or not using social media. 

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