Success Beyond Six

Percentage of children served in Success Beyond Six with improvement in school behaviors

42%SFY 2021

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Story Behind the Curve

The average improvement across the 'Life Functioning' domain in SFY 2019 was 36%, which decreased to 33% in SFY 2020, so it is interesting that this item within the domain shows the opposite trend. This is likely because the time two measurement would have occurred just after the global pandemic response began, sending students to do school from home, which could have resolve school-behavior-related triggers for some youth.  

Notes on Methodology

'School behavior' is one of eleven items in the 'Life Functioning' domain of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths tool. Improvement is measured between the same individual at time one (the beginning of the school year) and time two (the end of the school year). To be identified as having a measured need on that item, the youth much have a rating at time one of 'moderate' or 'severe'. Other aspects of Life Functioning domain not included here are: Family, Cultural Stress, Living Situation, Developmental, Self-Care/Daily Living, Job Functioning, Medical/Physical, Sleep, School Achievement, and School Attendance.

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