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Rate of abuse or neglect for children

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Measure Definition

This indicator represents the rate of abuse or neglect per 1000 of Utah child population. This calculation for this indicator is the number of distinct confirmed victims of abuse or neglect for each year divided by the child population for the year and then multiplied by 1000. 

This measure is used by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and aggregated in the Child Maltreatment report they release each year. 

Rate of abuse and neglect data source: Utah's SAFE database (child welfare data system). 
Child population data source: ACS (US Census Bureau) 5-year estimates, which tend to be more accurate than either the 1-year or mixing census types.

Links by year for ACS data:

Story Behind the Curve

Experiencing child abuse and neglect is correlated to negative physical and mental health outcomes that can last a lifetime. DCFS strives to reduce rates of abuse and neglect in partnership with the broader child welfare community. Tracking this indicator helps DCFS to better understand the impact of programs and services that work to reduce abuse and neglect rates in Utah. This measure has been trending down since 2019, and is currently at its lowest point for the measurement period.

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