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Youth Delinquency Rate, Ages 10-17

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SFY 2023


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Measure Definition

This measure shows the rate, by State Fiscal Year, of 10-17 year olds who are referred to the Utah Juvenile Court, per 100 10-17 year old youth in Utah's population. The Utah Juvenile Court provides court referral data and the Kem C. Gardner Institute provides 10-17 year old census data for Utah.

Results for this measure are updated annually, upon the annual Utah Juvenile Court's publication of youth delinquency rates.

Story Behind the Curve

Traditionally, a significant portion of Utah's Juvenile Court referrals involved relatively minor delinquent acts and a key goal of Utah's 2017 Juvenile Reform policies was to ensure the Juvenile Justice System focus resources on seriously charged youths with significant delinquent behavior.

In State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023, there were 14,204 referrals to the Utah Juvenile Court. This rate represents an 11.4% increase from SFY 2022, but an overall decline of 33% when compared to SFY 2017, and 50.8% when compared to SFY 2015. Notably, the rate of referrals in SFY 2023 remains lower than the pre-COVID referral rate from SFY 2020. 

Using the SFY 2023 rate of 2.9% as a baseline, the target is to reduce Utah's Crime Rate for 10 to 17 year olds by 5% over 5 years.

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