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The percentage of the adult population that experienced 3 or less Adverse Childhood Experiences as a child (ACE score)

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Measure Definition

This measure shows the percentage of Utah adults who experienced fewer than 4 adverse childhood experiences before they reached the age of 18 based on their responses on the DHHS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Results are based on 11 questions that address experiences related to emotional abuse, household substance abuse, household mental illness, parents' separation/divorce, physical abuse, witnessed domestic violence, sexual abuse, and the incarceration of a household member.

Data source: 

  • Utah Department of Health and Human Services Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 

Story Behind the Curve

Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) may result in toxic stress responses that can hurt a child's normal development. ACEs could change your gene expression, change your brain connectivity and immune function, and change your coping strategies. While many coping strategies are healthy and help reduce acute stress, some (like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using substances, and engaging in risky sexual behavior) create additional risks to health and well-being. That means exposure to early adversity can increase the risk for chronic and infectious health conditions later in life through changes in physiological mechanisms, as well as increased engagement in risky health behaviors, and can ultimately result in earlier death.

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