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Number of DHHS operational units or offices that participate (assessment and implementation) in the DHHS Building Organizational Capacity (BOCA) project

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The Building Organizational Capacity Assessment to advance Health Equity (BOCA-HE) is a part of the DHHS effort to integrate a transformative health equity practice throughout the department.  The Office of Heath Equity works will work with each organizational unit to complete the assessment, and then to create a plan for improvement based on the findings.  Their target is to complete the BOCA with 12 organizational units each year. 

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Measure Definition

The Building Organizational Capacity Assessment to advance Health Equity (BOCA-HE) project is a part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) effort to integrate health equity processes throughout the department. The Office of Health Equity will work with offices and operational units (OUs) throughout DHHS to assess and establish a baseline of health equity activity capacity, and create a plan for implementation to improve health equity activity scores. For each participating office/OU, the assessment phase takes 4 months and the implementation phase takes 12 months, for a total of a 16 month-timeline participation in the BOCA project.

The target goal for FY24 is to have 18 offices/ OUs assessed and implementing (or implemented) health equity activities, with 15 new participants in the fiscal year. 

Story Behind the Curve

Prior to FY24, 3 DHHS offices/OUs participated in the BOCA-HE project. 

In 2023, 10 DHHS offices/OUs participated. In 2024, 5 additional DHHS office/OUs participated. 

Note that this measure only captures progress through June 2024, and DHHS office/OUs will continue to complete participation in the BOCA-HE project through the remainder of 2024 and moving forward.

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