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Story Behind the Curve

Updated: September 2023

Author: Tobacco Control Program, Vermont Department of Health

Media impressions, reported here in millions, are a comprehensive calculation of the number of individuals who have heard about 802Quits within a given time period. Through a digital experience, it defines the volume of times an ad has loaded within a visual portion of a targeted user’s screen. 

Impressions tracked within this performance measure are delivered to our key audience. Targeting parameters vary by the executed media source, ranging from geographic and demographic, to behavioral indicators for tobacco use and individuals searching key phrases which indicate that they’re looking for quit aids.

Asset delivery of 802Quits campaign messaging and quitting enrollment calls to action also varies across impressions. Ads consist of both static and video visuals, as well as text-based units within search engine results. Imagery and copy vary by ad unit, which means impressions being delivered fluctuate across the entire tactical mix.

Targeted impression goals quantify the ideal delivery across all platform projections with the expectation that all media tactics are in market. Anti-tobacco media campaigns are more robust in the first quarter of each new year to capture readiness to quit. 

Why Is This Important?

Together these performance measures focus on whether Vermonters are impacted as a result of the Health Department's Tobacco Control Program tobacco counter marketing efforts. They do so by looking at the quality and efficiency of media campaigns. This performance measure is important because it measures HOW WELL the program is doing in reaching and educating Vermonters about free available resources through 

What Works

The CDC 2014 Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs “recommends mass-reach health communication interventions on the basis of strong evidence of effectiveness” for decreasing prevalence of tobacco use.

Increasingly, all Americans are using the web as a credible source for health information. Therefore, having information online, optimized for mobile phones, and a website easy to navigate with elements important to our audience (real stories, free resources, and nicotine replacement therapy) is key to motivating more smokers to consider quitting.

Action Plan

We plan to maintain or increase this number of impressions in the future by continuing to tailor our mass media campaigns so that the messages resonate and motivate Vermonters to attempt quitting all tobacco products.

The Tobacco Control Program will apply best and promising practice and a mix of communication channels to reach disparate population groups. Quitting tobacco can take, on average, 8 - 11 attempts, and well above that to succeed for some people. Mass reach and digital promotion assist in quitting by motivating and steering toward effective resources to make one's quit more successful. Ad buys will continue to be purchased in alignment with CDC’s best practice.

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