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Child Support: All children in the program are receiving regular, reliable child support payments on a monthly basis from their parent(s) and the children have healthcare coverage. Medicaid Recovery: Medicaid avoids paying for, or is reimbursed for, medical expenses billed to Medicaid as measured by cost avoidance estimates and collection totals.

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Percent of Title IV-D cases with a support order that have received a support payment

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SFY 2023


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Measure Definition

This measure is an indicator of the percentage of children who fall under an order for child support payments who receive at least some of that money during the fiscal year.

The measure is calculated by the number of cases that have an order and support debt and received at least 1 payment during the year divided by the total number of cases with an order and support debt. The measure is reported on the State Fiscal Year, which is from July 1 to June 30. 

The measure was calculated using the following numbers:

Total population of cases that were open at any time during the fiscal year and also had a support debt between these dates:

07/01/2018-06/30/2019: 72,359

07/01/2019-06-30-2020: 71,289

07/01/202006/30/2021: 68,252

07/01/202106/30/2022: 65,390

07/01/2022-06/30/2023:  63,571


07/01/2018-06/30/2019: 53,770

07/01/2019-06-30-2020: 55,593

07/01/202006/30/2021: 51,922

07/01/202106/30/2022: 49,054

07/01/2022-06/30/2023: 46,338


07/01/2018-06/30/2019: 74.31%

07/01/2019-06-30-2020: 77.98%

07/01/202006/30/2021: 76.074%

07/01/202106/30/2022: 75.018%

07/01/2022-06/30/2023: 72.891%

Story Behind the Curve

The data show that there was an increase in the number of child support cases that received at least one payment in SFYs 2020 and 2021, and then began to decline again in SFY 2022.  Economic Impact Payments issued during this time frame due to the public health emergency were offset by the Internal Revenue Service and sent directly to the Office of Recovery Services for child support cases meeting the requirements for the tax offset program.  This resulted in increased collections these two years, and also resulted in many arrears only cases being paid in full; cases with arrears owing decreased by about 23,000 from 76,185 in 2019 to 53,140 in 2023.  ORS is making a concerted effort to increase the number of orders established and to track the number of days to the first payment after order establishment to increase this percentage. 

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