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DHHS is a high-quality, effective, and efficient department

The Department of Health and Human Services has the administrative infrastructure to support the department’s strategic processes for improvement, innovation, and building public trust.

Internal and external stakeholders involved in the well-being of Utahns have equitable and timely access to accurate, protected, impactful and relevant population health, health care, vital records, and human services data and analytics.

Percentage of checklist items completed in order to modernize, optimize, and integrate key data systems by December 2026 (American Rescue Plan Act project tracking).

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May 2024


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Measure Definition

This is an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) project to update or decommission 44 information systems across the department. This measure demonstrates the percentage of progress made toward completion of their update/decommission process. Many of these systems will not complete their process until closer to the project end date in 2026. 

This measure shows progress for all projects and not necessarily completion of specific projects.

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