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Older adults, vulnerable individuals, and their care partners in Utah are able to be informed, healthy, safe, independent, and have an optimal sense of well-being.

Rate of abuse or neglect for adults

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Measure Definition

This measures the rate of abuse and neglect per 1,000 adults (age 18 and over) in Utah.

The calculation divides the number of victims each year by the estimated adult population (18+) and multiplies the result by 1000.

The number of victims each year is determined by the number of adults who were subjects of APS investigations.

The adult population is estimated by the average of the population estimates from and Kem C Gardner institute. This result is then multiplied by the estimated percentage of adults in Utah from

Data Sources: Utah Leaps database US Census Bureau data, Kem C Gardner Institute.

Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure looks at the impacts of adult abuse in Utah. Knowing the rates of abuse of adults helps the department determine what programs are working to decrease adult and elderly abuse.

Sources of Information: Utah Leaps database, US Census Bureau and Kem C. Gardner Institute for population data and population estimates.



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