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Emergency Mental Health for Children and Adults (29)

Number of People Served by Emergency Services

10,594SFY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve
  • Emergency Services (ES) provided by Vermont's Designated Agencies (DAs) are intensive, time-limited and are intended to resolve or stabilize the immediate crisis through direct treatment, support services to significant others, or arrangement of other more appropriate resources.

    • These services may be provided face-to-face, by telephone, or through telemedicine.

  • Services may be initiated by, or on behalf of, a person experiencing an acute mental health crisis as evidenced by:

    • a sudden change in behavior with negative consequences for well-being.

    • a loss of effective coping mechanisms.

    • presenting danger to self or others.

  • Over the duration of this reporting period, ES has continued to experience an increase in the number of people served, in particular a 32% increase from state fiscal year (SFY) 2019 to SFY 2021.

Notes on Methodology
  • Data are obtained from the Department's Monthly Service Report (MSR) system and are submitted to this system by DAs.

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