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Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT)

Number of Adults Served in Community and Rehabilitation Treatment Programs

2,226SFY 2022

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Story Behind the Curve
  • The purpose of Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT) is to provide comprehensive services, using a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach, for adults with severe mental illnesses.
    • CRT offers a wide range of support options to help people remain integrated in their local communities in social, housing, school, and work settings based on their preferences, while building strategies to live more interdependent and satisfying lives.
  • Adults who are eligible for CRT programs are defined as individuals 18 years old or over with schizophrenia, or other psychotic disorders and seriously debilitating mood disorders, and meet certain other criteria.

  • The number of adults served by CRT programs has remained relatively steady for the above reporting period with a slow declining trend.

Notes on Methodology
  • Total numbers are based on Monthly Service Report (MSR) data submitted annually to the Department by DAs and one SSA, Pathways Vermont, who serves adults.

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