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Percentage of Adults Improved Upon Discharge from Adult Outpatient Programs

57%SFY 2020

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Story Behind the Curve
  • "Improved upon discharge" from an adult outpatient program is a measure identified when treatment is completed .

  • Vermont Designated Agencies (DAs) and one adult Specialized Service Agency (SSA) continue to report a steady percentage of adults who are discharged from adult outpatient programs.

    • ​​​​​​​As greater percentages of clients are reported, the percent with positive outcomes appears to decline, which may be due to greater percentages of clients with ongoing difficulties being reported.
  • Vermont DAs and the one SSA are targeting this measure as a quality improvement initiative for 2022, in order to work towards better reliability and validity across providers in determining how "improved" is defined and endorsed.

Notes on Methodology
  • Percentages are based on MSR data submitted to the Department by DAs and one SSA, Pathways Vermont, who serves adults.

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