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Percentage of Vermont Nursing Facilities that received Focused Infection Control surveys

100%Q2 2016

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Story Behind the Curve

Starting in FY 2021, CMS requires State survey agencies to perform annual Focused Infection Control surveys of twenty percent (20%) of Vermont nursing homes based on State discretion or additional data that identifies facility and community risks.  To count toward the required twenty percent, these FIC surveys must be stand-alone surveys not associated with a recertification survey. 


Facilities licensed by DLP, which includes acute care hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, residential care homes, therapeutic community residences, and assisted living residences.

What Works

Keeping DLP fully staffed helps to ensure that reports are quickly entered into tracking systems, reports are screened to determine the need for additional surveys, and surveys are both scheduled promptly and completed within regulatory timelines.

Action Plan

Maintain adequate level of trained staff to process complaints accurately and within regulatory timelines.

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